Debunking the myth of Black fathers in the lives of their children.

Black fathers 15 to 44 had the highest rates of helping children with homework and taking them to and from activities of any other race.

78.2% of Black fathers living with their children fed or ate meals with their children daily compared to 73.9% of their white counterparts.

70.4% of Black fathers bathed, diapered or dressed their children daily compared to 60% of their white counterparts. Of fathers that didn’t live with their children, these numbers or 12.7% for Black Fathers and 6.6% for white fathers.

82.2% of Black fathers played with their children daily. It was 82.7% for white fathers. For fathers not living with their children, it was 16.5% for Black fathers and 6.6% for white fathers.

34.9% of Black fathers read to their children daily compared to 30.2% for white fathers. For fathers not living with their children the numbers were 7.8% for black fathers and 3.2% for white fathers.

Black Fathers are the most involved with their children daily than any other race.

Source: National Health Statistics Report

Cell Or Classroom?
There are more than twice as many black men in college than they are in prison. (1,437,363 vs 745,660)

9 out of 10 young black adults age 25 to 29 have completed high school or its’ equivalent. (Same as the national average) Source: Educational Attainment In the United States: 2015

Source: National Center For Educational Statistics
Bureau Of Justice Statistics, National Prisoner Statistics Program, 1978 – 2013
Bureau of Justice Statistic, Jail Inmates at Midyear 2013
Pew Research Center

90% of Black People 12 or older do not use illicit drugs.

Source: Results from the 2013 National Survey on Drug Use and Health
The high school dropout rates reached an all-time low in 2014 for black students and the school completion gap between black and whites has continued to narrow. (Pew Research Center)

The current congress has more Black members now than in any time in US history.

Black Women
In The 2009-2010 academic year, Black women received a higher percentage (71%) of degrees in their race/ethnic group than any other major group.

86% of black women graduate from high school.

The percentage of black women in college surpasses all other groups in the united states
Source: National Center for Education Statistics

As of 2013, an estimated 1,119,400 companies owned by black women employed 272,000 people and generated 44.9 billion dollars in revenue

Source: Center For American Progress -states/

38 of the107 women serving in Congress are women of color.


The life expectancy of Black women has increased from 68 in 1960 to 78 now.

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