Corey Nieves


There’s a child prodigy in the heart of Corey Nieves who’s a young black activist doing amazing work through the avenue of cookies. At just 6 years old he started a cookie business that 8 years later is now successfully established as “Mr. Cory’s Cookies”.  An impressive feat in itself, but there’s more.

Nieves is a standing example of Black Excellence and he was recently honored with the Diana award.  This award – named after the late princess Diana of Wales – is awarded to youth between the ages of 9 and 25 years old.  It’s considered the highest award that can be given for philanthropy work to youth – in fact only 10 people were award the Diana Award in 2018.

That means that Corey is one of only 10 people that have received this prestigious award in the world in 2018.  That means Corey is truly one in a million with his accomplishments.

Corey has always had a servants heart when it comes to his business.  He started the business with the goal of buying his mom a car, then later to save up for college.  The first couple years he was learning the ropes, but he was profitable with the business in just two years time – a true example of black excellence.

What lead to receiving this award?

Well, corey isn’t just a child with dreams and a successful business, one could go as far as to consider him one of the amazing black activists in our community.  He has taken some of the profits from his cookie business and donated them to various charities that are in need of financial support.

So how did Corey start his business? Well it’s a funny story because it didn’t start with cookies, it actually started with hot chocolate.  But Corey quickly realized something, if he continued to sell hot chocolate he would only be in business a couple short months out of the year, so he got into the business of cookies.

Not just any cookies though – these are all natural gourmet cookies.  Corey says that he doesn’t put anything in his cookies that he and his family wouldn’t eat.  You could consider him an true artist in the art of making cookies that sell – but it’s also nice to know that he’s creating a quality product, with strong company values.

But Nieve’s charity work goes beyond just giving out money. Mr. Cory’s Cookies attends many local and charity events and when their are excess cookies, they don’t just put them up for sale – sometimes they donate them to shelters.  Shelters that house families, single mothers, and others that are in need of not just a home, but a smile that Corey brings with his cookies.

Not only does Cory believe in the work that he’s doing for his community, he’s hoping that what he does influences other children to realize that there is more to life than hanging out on the streets or playing games.  He’s a true black activist in that he hopes what he’s done with Mr Cory’s Cookies will lead to other youth taking action on their dreams and creating wealth that can change the world too.

You can now visit him online and order cookies to have them delivered right to your door and make a difference in the process.  They have all kinds of flavors from your typical chocolate chip to the more extravagant creamsicle.

Wondering how many of these cookies Mr. Cory sells? When he started out he could make a few hundred dollars in a weekend – not a bad amount for a then pre-teen Corey.  This year Mr. Cory’s Cookies have sold over 50,000 cookies, and plans to sell even more before the year is over.

But Corey isn’t alone in his successful operations, he works with his mom Lisa.  Lisa loves that the work they do together allows them to give back to single mothers and at-risk youth because she’s a single mom herself.

On Mr. Cory’s website you can find an open letter to single moms from Lisa where she says even though it may be hard, and you may feel alone, tired, of struggling remember that everything you do is for your child.

Now the pair has been featured across the globe and internet for his amazing cookies from Ellen to Shark Tank he’s captured the hearts, and stomachs, of America.  And if you’re wondering they did in fact get the car – but not how you’d expect! Ellen DeGeneres gifted them a Ford Escape when they were on the show – helping Corey achieve his dreams of buying his mom a car so he didn’t have to take the bus to school.

The pair made an appearance on the show “The Profit” with renowned investor and business strategist Marcus Lemonis.   He offered the pair $100,000 for a 40% stake in the company – which they accepted.

You could say that it’s been a whirlwind of luck for Corey and Lisa, but that wouldn’t be fair.  They are just an example of hard work and determination that represents what Black Excellence truly looks like in today’s world.  And Corey is an extraordinary  example of a child who’s doing amazing things not just for himself, but for his community as a whole – he’s a true artist of cookies and caring


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