Inland Empire African American Chamber of Commerce


    Founded in 1990, the African American Chamber of Commerce is a leader in the

    Inland Empire providing innovative and cost effective programs and services to the businesses, professionals, and families located in the communities it serves. In today’s tough environment, you need every edge you can get. With the IEAACOC, you know you have a powerful ally on your side.

    The role of the IEAACOC is to cultivate an alliance between business owners, residents, government, corporations, and other non-profit agencies to promote the Inland Empire as a desirable community for African Americans to conduct business, live and visit.

    As part of our commitment to public service, each of the programs and services are planned and implemented by a dedicated and professional volunteer Board of Directors.

    So call and become a member today, by working together we can accomplish much more than one business or person could individually.