Learning From Our Past

Black Wall Street

Understanding the blueprint used by Black Wall Street as a guide for success.
A recap of Black Wall Street. This was one of the many thriving black communities in a town called Greenwood in Tulsa Oklahoma. The black men, women and children of this town was self-reliant and independent. Everything was black owned from markets to banks and didn’t depend on anyone else for their success but themselves. In 1921 this community was burned down and taken out by the surrounding white communities out of envy, hate and under the guise of a sexual harassment narrative that grew by word of mouth by towns surrounding Greenwood.

THE CHURCH OF BLACK EXCELLENCE is about taking the idea of black independence and the capability to thrive without being told how you should live your life from people that don’t know your life.
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Celebrating Those That Came Before Us

Before discussing the our great and more know civil rights leaders known for their fight against social injustices and enduring impact on the lives of black citizens, and what they’ve done for our community, it’s important to recognize the driving force behind the civil rights movement. The Civil Rights Foot Soldiers were the young black men and women that fought for their freedom through marches, going to jail, taking beatings from the police, bitten by dogs, sprayed by water hoses and killed in the name of freedom.

These were the young leaders that we’re willing to give their lives for sake of the quality of life for them and people who look like them. You won’t find the names of these people in the history books or mentioned in the same breath as the other more prominent leaders but without these foot soldiers that went through training in order to properly address the pressures of being black in public, we would not be in the position to live in a world with the advances that we have today. These young excellent kids were the backbone of the civil rights movement and there is so much to learn from them in order…
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Remembering The Lessons Thaught

Remembering the lessons taught by both prominent and less prominent civil rights leaders.
When looking at the leaders the was mentioned in Celebrating Those That Came Before Us, you can find parallels in what was done during slavery, the Civil Rights Movement and the issues we face today. Over the course of history, the way that racial discrimination is viewed has become watered down or from the perspective of a lot of people, nearly non-existent. Certain events in history such as obtaining representation in media, having the first Black president, and ignorance of the experiences of black people in general gives people a false sense of completion in the fight for racial equality. The need to continue the push forward is detailed in Identify Information about our disadvantages in rigged systems built on racism. Because of this, our past leaders had plenty of knowledge to impart on us to give us a guide on how to approach the battle.
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Understanding The Efforts

The way that black people entered into the country was a lot worse than the watered down version that we hear now. So watered down that there are politicians that have gone on record to say the one, slavery wasn’t all bad or two, black people are better because of it. The way that one of the country’s horrible periods of has been downplayed that a reminder is imperative so that we #neverforget. The enduring spirit of African Americans is commendable considering the horrors of life even before making it to the United States.

This was not immigration, it was a transaction of people being sold as property. Imagine waking up in your native country to gun fire and screams as you’re startle by the fact that people have arrived to either take you or kill you. You are money. You are property. Kids were snatched from their mother’s hands. People were killed for resisting or hit with the butt of a rifle.
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