Unity is Paramount

An Identification of Movements

An identification of movements created for the advancement of our people.

There are several movements created for the advancement of the black communities. From humanitarians to those focused on prison reform there are organizations all across the country dedicated to the progress of our impoverished and disenfranchised communities. They all have one thing in common and that’s the advancement in some way shape or form to increase the advancement of black people through organizing, the dispersing of pertinent information and offering help to those in need. This is where a lot of the growth of our communities come from. We hope to be able to unite as one in the future in order to shine the largest light on our communities in order expedite the progress that we desperately need. Take a gander at the Black Excellence below.
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Treat Others with the dignity and respect

At The Church of Black Excellence our goal is to set the standard of decency that can be replicated throughout the country in order to help create a better place where we respect each other and teach those, our youth, the ways we should conduct ourselves as an example for future generations. The programs set up at TCOBE will be a model for kids to look up to. We strive to put positivity in the forefront to show our future leaders that adults can discuss the most contentious issues through the presentation of facts and with respect for others regardless of the differences of opinion.
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